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Nutritional Coaching SL, has a consultation in the city of Barcelona and also online, where we offer you the possibility to modify your eating habits and achieve your nutritional goal through our dietary consultation service. In this service, a registered Dietitian-Nutritionist performs an assessment of your nutritional status, through a complete medical and dietary history, analyzes eating habits and performs a complete anthropometric study from which realistic goals are established together with you. In addition, he/she answers doubts and elaborates a totally personalized nutritional pattern in collaboration with you, focusing on the modification of incorrect habits through nutritional education.

Service intended for:

  • Healthy people who want to improve or change their diet.
  • People in special situations: pregnancy, lactation, growth, menopause, old age, etc.
  • People with health problems: Diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension, uric acid, food allergies and intolerances, etc.
  • Overweight and Obesity.
  • Amateur athletes.
  • Eating Behavior Disorders (NEW SERVICE)
This service
includes an ebook
with recipes!

Sedes en Barcelona (Consultar precio según sede)

If you have any doubts, you can request a first free informative visit, where we will explain to you in detail the operation of the service.


We advise you in every step and help you to solve all the doubts you may have, we accompany you to achieve your nutritional goal!

Dietary counseling

First visit


(Iva included)



(Iva included)

EBD counseling (Eating behavior disorders)

Three session pack EBD


(Iva included)

Two session pack EBD


(Iva included)

Note: All our services are performed by health personnel with university degrees, and graduates in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and CAFE (Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport), offering the maximum guarantees of quality in the service.

Do you know our counseling packs?

Your health is important to us, so we have created 3 types of packs to suit your needs. Do you want to achieve a healthy weight? Are you worried about food allergies or intolerances? Are you going to be a mother?

Which one do you choose?

Healthy weight pack

Healthy weight pack

It consists of 5 sessions in which we will customize together the nutritional pattern that best suits you and your weight management goals. Throughout the sessions we will follow up with you in order to create a personalized dietary pattern, in which you will enjoy and learn to eat while reaching your goals.

Pregnancy pack

Pregnancy pack

It offers you sessions designed so that you, the mother-to-be, can be sure that you are nourishing yourself in the best possible way to ensure the good growth of your future child and that your body is in optimal health conditions. Ensuring a successful pregnancy and for the best possible postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. Putting yourself in the hands of a specialist will help you have a fabulous pregnancy!

Eating behavior
disorders pack

Eating behavior
disorders pack

It is a program created by experts in nutrition and dietetics who are part of our team. This personalized program, adapted to the individual needs of each patient, is based on a series of visits that will allow you to improve all those aspects related to your eating habits and lifestyle in general.

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